Gold, Blush, & Black

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday I wore this outfit to church. My routine on Sunday mornings is kind of pretty funny actually. I basically play dress up with myself trying to find the outfit that suits my mood for that day. If I try one on and it doesn't quite suit my mood, then out it goes. I go through an average of 3 outfits on Sunday mornings, it's the one day that I would say I dedicate more time on the details as I contemplate and try to reflect what "Sunday Best" means to me. It is nothing done for the joy of anyone's eyes. It is purely an expression of one of the ways that I feel (for me) I need to worship, a contemplation and a desire to honor and respect the place where I worship and fellowship, but most especially Whom I worship.

This look was perfect yesterday because it rocked both a bit of edge (with metallics and black) with softness (hairstyle and blush delicate blouse). Here's the details:

Petal Sleeves Top is Japna - find similar HERE
Skirt is First & Chic - find similar HERE
Belt is First & Chic - find similar HERE
Shoes are from local boutique - find similar HERE and HERE
Necklace is Forever 21 - find similar HERE and HERE
Watch is First & Chic - find almost exact HERE
Bracelet is Ellen Tracy - find similar HERE and HERE

How's your "Sunday Best Routine"?

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