Girl! You Know You Gotta Accessorize!

Spring is upon us here in the hot California desert! I am not even going to lie, I LOVE that. Not that it ever got really cold here, but the weather has just been truly fantastic for about the last month, riding the low 70s, just gorgeous.

As I start saying farewell to winter, of course I have to rock a sweater because I won't be able to wear them for a while once it gets hot around here. So there I was, I chose a sweater and jeans, and I have to tell you, I thought it was pretty darn boring. So basic. But every outfit is plain until you accessorize! Do that and your outfit will come to life.

Sweater is Croft & Barrow  - Similar HERE
Jeans are d.jeans New York - Similar HERE
Flats are Rialto - Exact HERE
Jewelry from a local boutique - Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE

In case if you are not sure what constitutes a fashion accessory or what it exactly is, here's a cheat sheet for ya. 

Accessories are like the hardware and pretty handles on kitchen cabinets in a kitchen (they're also like the countertops, the decor, the faucet, the appliances, etc.).

Source: and
Without accessories, an outfit will just look dull. They do not have to be bold. Trust me, just adding a little accessory you're already making a statement. So add interest, texture, and dimension to your outfits. A little accessorizing never hurt anyone.

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