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#ootd This ended up being the outfit I wore last night. Love it!

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Girl! You Know You Gotta Accessorize!

Spring is upon us here in the hot California desert! I am not even going to lie, I LOVE that. Not that it ever got really cold here, but the weather has just been truly fantastic for about the last month, riding the low 70s, just gorgeous.

As I start saying farewell to winter, of course I have to rock a sweater because I won't be able to wear them for a while once it gets hot around here. So there I was, I chose a sweater and jeans, and I have to tell you, I thought it was pretty darn boring. So basic. But every outfit is plain until you accessorize! Do that and your outfit will come to life.

Sweater is Croft & Barrow  - Similar HERE
Jeans are d.jeans New York - Similar HERE
Flats are Rialto - Exact HERE
Jewelry from a local boutique - Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE

In case if you are not sure what constitutes a fashion accessory or what it exactly is, here's a cheat sheet for ya. 

Accessories are like the hardware and pretty handles on kitchen cabinets in a kitchen (they're also like the countertops, the decor, the faucet, the appliances, etc.).

Source: and
Without accessories, an outfit will just look dull. They do not have to be bold. Trust me, just adding a little accessory you're already making a statement. So add interest, texture, and dimension to your outfits. A little accessorizing never hurt anyone.

Dressing For Your Body Shape - Part 1

Do you ever shop online for clothes only to be disappointed after you try them on for the first time and realize they don't look quite right? The more you know your shape, the better equipped you are when you go shopping. And no need to dismay, I am here to help you! I am creating a series of blog posts to help women learn how to dress for their shape and this is our introductory post!

If you ever get discouraged by seeing outfit inspiration boards using tiny size clothes, don't get discouraged and think automatically that you can't pull it off. Instead, think how you CAN make it look amazing with your beautiful body shape just the way it is.

For instance, I just posted this relaxed chic outfit in the blog. It looks like either a rectangle or hour glass shape is wearing this adorable outfit. Would that look great on an oval/apple shape? Keep reading...

If you think this outfit is cute, you like it, and yet you discard it because you think you can't pull it off, then I'm going to need you to get rid of those negative thoughts. Like... now.

You can rock this outfit! Yes ma'am. Check it out!

If your shape is Apple/Oval then you would know that skinny jeans are to be avoided because they will make your top half look top-heavy. Instead, how about some straight leg or boot cut jeans to balance the proportions? Dolman tops as shown above are also great for apples/ovals! And here's something to celebrate, accessories are great with any shape or size! Knowing how to dress for your body shape is key.

So find your shape below and start learning about it. I will expand more on this in the other blog posts for this series. In the meantime, go ahead and pin all those cute outfits you see on Pinterest (and on my blog too of course, haha!). This is going to be a self-discovery journey and if by the end I have helped one of you, then my job is done. <3

Relaxed Chic

Navy Blue Is So Glorious

I know, I know, I've been away for quite a while and haven't posted any outfit inspiration or tips in a while. I just have been super, super busy with the remodel, my work, birthdays, and my family. It's just been crazy. However! I have been taking pictures of my outfits along the way which I will be posting soon. Most of them are my Sunday outfits but if you want to see more of my day to day outfits, just let me know, I can do that! :)

Now on to Navy. This color is super hot this year. We can see it home decor and in fashion. I'm really digging Navy. In fact, I want to paint either my brick fireplace navy or the window wall in my living room. The color I have chosen is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, just so yummy. Not too dark, not tlight, not saturated, not dull. Just perfect. :)

(For sources, find these pics in my "Inspiration for our new Home" board on Pinterest)
Navy made it's amazing and super popular comeback in 2014. But did navy really go out of style? No, it's just that people are recycling it in the fashion trends again. You see, navy is both a neutral color and a cool color. What this means is that it can go with anything. Don't believe me? Try it. Navy and red=fab, with orange=fab, with yellow=fab, with gray= fab, etc. You get the point. 

Since navy is a cool color and a neutral, why not also pair it with it's classic partner in crime: Khaki? Khaki is both a neutral and a warm color so it works wonderfully well with navy. On the color wheel, these two are almost exact opposites.

Tips for wearing navy:
1. Pair either with a statement color or a neutral
2. Consider your dark blue jeans to be navy
3. Navy can be either in your statement piece or your complementary pieces
4. Gold, silver, or pearls look fabulous with navy

And since I'm still on this navy color kick...

Please excuse the blurry close ups
Blazer is from Dress Barn - Similar HERE and HERE
Skirt is from Target - Exact HERE
Striped top is a thrifty find - Similar herehere, and here
Shoes are Fioni - Similar here
Belt and watch are from First & Chic
Necklace and bracelets are from Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings are from a local boutique

And an oldie Instagram collage of me wearing a navy blue dress last year that I never posted (sorry about the quality):

Dress is from Marshall's
Layering tee and watch are from First & Chic
Shoes are from a local boutique (D brand)

What's your favorite color combo using navy?