Red & Leopard are always a good idea

So you have a leopard print skirt, or shoes, or handbag? And do you (pretty sure you do) also have something red in your wardrobe too. Combine the two for a classic and super shmexy combination.

The jacket, red top, skinny belt, and black skirt were all great finds at Goodwill.
Necklace was purchased from a mall booth/cart in Las Vegas.
Shoes are from White House Black Market (one of my favorite stores) and are discontinued.

In this outfit I pulled two neutral colors from the shoes, black and beige. I used a black pencil skirt and a beige wool jacket, which are a wardrobe staple for fall and winter. I combined it with a nice red top and statement necklace for a nice color pop. Perfection! Plus the jacket was great for hiding love handles. Yes I do have them but you couldn't tell by this outfit thanks to this nice thrifty jacket I got from Goodwill.

And remember, leopard prints also come in black and white. Here's another outfit idea using a black and white tie-waist leopard coat. The pop of red is beautiful and navy of the jeans plus the gold metal accents and jewelry make it even better and add substance to the outfit.
Red and Leopard Outfit Combination. Perfection. From She Goes by Yari fashion and style blog.
In both outfits you will notice that I only chose one piece in the outfit to have the leopard print. This goes along with one of my top fashion tips - "Don't kill a print. Instead, complement it." A scarf and shoes in leopard print work well together as well because they do not overtake the outfit, scarves are accessories and pairing an accessory with a pattern in your outfit is OK so long as they do not constitute a super large portion of the outfit.

Here's another way to see how to use leopard prints using a leopard print dress which constitutes a large portion of the outfit. However, it is toned down a bit by pairing it with black accessories with gold accents and pearl and gold jewelry.

Do this when wearing a leopard dress or anything with Leopard print! Outfit Combination. Perfection. From She Goes by Yari fashion and style blog.
If you have any questions for an upcoming outfit or how to wear leopard prints, shoot me an email to shegoesbyyari {at} gmail {dot} com!