Burgundy for Fall

Burgundy for Fall

Mother high-waisted jeans
$320 - question-air.com

Brooks Brothers tall boots


River Island earrings

Plaid shawl

Makeup Favorites for Summer 2015

OK ladies, I just wanted to come in here and let you know what my favorite drugstore finds are for summer 2015. I am loving these products especially for when I'm going for a natural look, but of course, these work very well with a glam look as well.

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Very Black - available HERE
Because these summer days I am going with a more natural look and lighter makeup feel, this mascara is nice because it makes my eyes pop without the need to wear a ton of makeup. Love that!

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Medium - available HERE
This stuff is the bomb! I love it, it's super light, it primes the face, hydrates, moisturizes, AND covers up! Can't ask for anything more!

L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Rose Elixir - available HERE
Lip balm but with color, need I say more? It is super creamy and my lips feel moisturized.

Physician's Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Bronze - available HERE
I love this bronzer to enhance my summer tan and define my cheekbones, etc. Just love it!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in Fiesta Fuchsia - similar HERE
Total yumminess, creamy, super protective, and it stays on for a LONG time, love it!

Jules and Esther Facial Serum Vitamin C - available HERE
I LOVE how refreshing and hydrating this facial serum is, I'm using it every day this summer and I love how it makes my skin feel.

Pumps & Jeans = Always great together

So the other day I came across some GORGEOUS pumps by none other than Miss Gwen Stefani, and oh my goodness, they. are. to. die for! Of course I went hunting online for the place I could get them at the best price. Unfortunately for me, most stores that the same basic pricing for them, BUT Charlotte Russe had a great deal on a selection of shoes - buy one pair, get the second for $10. I just couldn't pass up. It was my first time ordering from Charlotte Russe so I figured why not try them.

I received my shoes about a week after I ordered them. The packaging was great. I loved the shoes as soon as I saw them. Of course I had to try them on right away! And with my pair of jeans that I had on (I'm a jeans girl), I just knew that they would look great. Take a look!

Available HERE

Available HERE

And now my faves, my goodness these pumps are just everything!

Available HERE
Aren't they absolutely GORGEOUS?! I just love them, so go and get yours because even though the $10 additional shoes deal is over, it's now get the second pair for $15. You can't beat that.

I can already see some gorgeous outfits with these babies. Thanks for checking in today and wear some pumps and jeans this weekend!

Playing With Makeup

Lately I've been playing more with makeup and I've been loving it. Between YouTube, Instagram, and my sweet friend Krystal, I've been learning more about makeup applications and it's been sooo fun. This one was taken yesterday:

I totally love this look. It is so fresh and super girly, just love it! Here's what I used:

Mascara - Essence Lash Princess
Primer - L'oreal Magic Lumi
Foundation - L'oreal True Match Lumi in Natural Buff
Lip Moisturizer - EOS in coconut melon
Blush - L'oreal True Match Blush in Subtle Sable
Bronzer & HIghlighter - NYC Sun 'n' Bronze
Eyebrow Pencil - L'oreal Brow Stylist Designer in Medium Brown
Eyeshadow - Ellen Tracy Eye Essentials Complete Palette
Eyeliner - ELF liquid eyeliner in Black
Contour & Highlighting - Maybelline FIT Shine Free Foundation in Coconut
Lipstick - L'oreal Collection Privee by Jennifer (Jennifer Lopez's color)
Lip Gloss - Starlooks in Cuddle
Lip Gloss - Max Studio

And here's today's makeup celebrating the 4th already and rocking my curly hair. :) This look is not over the top and is great for a daytime look.

Mascara - Younique 3D Mascara
Primer - L'oreal Magic Lumi
Foundation - L'oreal True Match Lumi in Natural Buff
Lip Moisturizer - EOS in coconut melon
Blush - L'oreal True Match Blush in Subtle Sable
Bronzer & HIghlighter - NYC Sun 'n' Bronze
Eyebrow Pencil - L'oreal Brow Stylist Designer in Medium Brown
Eyeshadow - Ellen Tracy Eye Essentials Complete Palette
Eyeliner - L'oreal Eyeliner Pencil in Black
Contour & Highlighting - Maybelline FIT Shine Free Foundation in Coconut
Colored Lip Balm - L'oreal Color Riche Balm in Rose Elixir
Lipstick - L'oreal in Pink Resistance
Lip Stain & Gloss - ELF in First Date

I'm having so much fun with makeup and will be posting lots more looks soon! :)

Curly Hair, it's on!

So back in the beginning of June I decided to wear my natural curls to church and most of my kids didn't like it (Danny, my husband, loved it). I never wear my hair curly and I think that by doing that I'm somehow teaching my kids that curly isn't pretty. Perhaps I have voiced in front of them how I much prefer to wear it straight or with styled loose curls. When I asked one of my kids why he didn't like my hair curly he said, "I don't like it because it looks bad and it's bad hair." While I am glad he had that honest opinion, it still made me feel a little bad and I decided that I need to do something about the way my kids view curly hair. So since then, I've been wearing my crazy (and beautiful) Dominican curly hair more frequently, especially during summer. And now I appreciate it more than I ever have before. And perhaps through that, and my kids seeing confidence in me wearing my curly hair, my children will learn to see that there's beauty in curly hair too. Here's some of my curly hair pictures. :) Love, love, love!

Well I'm a Little Behind... But!

Confession. There's a few outfits I have not posted. (shame on me) Never fear, though! I am finally posting them and I will be back with more!

Spring is finally here and as you know, that means Florals!!! In this outfit I'm wearing a floral skirt with my ever favorite colors: coral, blush, and navy (you know I gotta rock those, they speak to me, same with gold jewelry). Just perfect for Spring! (Gotta love the curls too)...

Blazer was a gift - find similar HERE and HERE
Blush top is from Marshall's - find similar HERE
Floral pencil skirt is from Target - find exact HERE
Pearl necklace is Sophia & Kate - find similar HERE
Pumps are Fioni - find similar HERE and HERE

Pairing regular black and ivory with some turquoise to add interest. The lace adds a delicate touch to the outfit. It's the little things. (Love the hair here too) ;) Because I am a rectangular shape, adding the belt on the waist really helped define my waist which the dress wasn't doing on it's own.

Dress is from JC Penney - similar HERE and HERE, HERE and HERE
Skirt Extender is from First & Chic - find similar HERE and HERE
Peep toe shoes are Enzo Angiolini - find similar HERE
Turquoise beaded necklace is a thrifty find - find similar HERE, HERE, and HERE

This next dress is one of my very favorites that I own. I adore the lace tiered detail and pleats throughout. It was a really great buy too which makes my heart very happy! (And of course, gotta love the hair here too) ;) I didn't stray much with the colors on this outfit except for the ivory pearls. Now, why didn't I wear a blush tone or black necklace? Because of the lace detail, wearing a blush or black necklace would have gotten lost and not easily seen. Instead I went with a pearl statement necklace (pearls are classic and they go with just about anything) which did the job perfectly. Another option could have been just gold (or silver) jewelry but I felt the pearls "upped" the overall feel of the outfit, made it tad bit fancier, and well.... I love fancy. ;)

Dress is Sangria - find exact HERE
Pearl necklace is Sophia & Kate - find similar HERE
Pumps are Fioni - find similar HERE and HERE
Bracelets are Ellen Tracy - find similar HERE and HERE

And as Spring has made it's official arrival I will be posting some fab Spring looks, so come back very soon!
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Gold, Blush, & Black

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday I wore this outfit to church. My routine on Sunday mornings is kind of pretty funny actually. I basically play dress up with myself trying to find the outfit that suits my mood for that day. If I try one on and it doesn't quite suit my mood, then out it goes. I go through an average of 3 outfits on Sunday mornings, it's the one day that I would say I dedicate more time on the details as I contemplate and try to reflect what "Sunday Best" means to me. It is nothing done for the joy of anyone's eyes. It is purely an expression of one of the ways that I feel (for me) I need to worship, a contemplation and a desire to honor and respect the place where I worship and fellowship, but most especially Whom I worship.

This look was perfect yesterday because it rocked both a bit of edge (with metallics and black) with softness (hairstyle and blush delicate blouse). Here's the details:

Petal Sleeves Top is Japna - find similar HERE
Skirt is First & Chic - find similar HERE
Belt is First & Chic - find similar HERE
Shoes are from local boutique - find similar HERE and HERE
Necklace is Forever 21 - find similar HERE and HERE
Watch is First & Chic - find almost exact HERE
Bracelet is Ellen Tracy - find similar HERE and HERE

How's your "Sunday Best Routine"?

Girl! You Know You Gotta Accessorize!

Spring is upon us here in the hot California desert! I am not even going to lie, I LOVE that. Not that it ever got really cold here, but the weather has just been truly fantastic for about the last month, riding the low 70s, just gorgeous.

As I start saying farewell to winter, of course I have to rock a sweater because I won't be able to wear them for a while once it gets hot around here. So there I was, I chose a sweater and jeans, and I have to tell you, I thought it was pretty darn boring. So basic. But every outfit is plain until you accessorize! Do that and your outfit will come to life.

Sweater is Croft & Barrow  - Similar HERE
Jeans are d.jeans New York - Similar HERE
Flats are Rialto - Exact HERE
Jewelry from a local boutique - Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE

In case if you are not sure what constitutes a fashion accessory or what it exactly is, here's a cheat sheet for ya. 

Accessories are like the hardware and pretty handles on kitchen cabinets in a kitchen (they're also like the countertops, the decor, the faucet, the appliances, etc.).

Source: norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com and somuchbetterwithage.com
Without accessories, an outfit will just look dull. They do not have to be bold. Trust me, just adding a little accessory you're already making a statement. So add interest, texture, and dimension to your outfits. A little accessorizing never hurt anyone.

Dressing For Your Body Shape - Part 1

Do you ever shop online for clothes only to be disappointed after you try them on for the first time and realize they don't look quite right? The more you know your shape, the better equipped you are when you go shopping. And no need to dismay, I am here to help you! I am creating a series of blog posts to help women learn how to dress for their shape and this is our introductory post!

If you ever get discouraged by seeing outfit inspiration boards using tiny size clothes, don't get discouraged and think automatically that you can't pull it off. Instead, think how you CAN make it look amazing with your beautiful body shape just the way it is.

For instance, I just posted this relaxed chic outfit in the blog. It looks like either a rectangle or hour glass shape is wearing this adorable outfit. Would that look great on an oval/apple shape? Keep reading...

If you think this outfit is cute, you like it, and yet you discard it because you think you can't pull it off, then I'm going to need you to get rid of those negative thoughts. Like... now.

You can rock this outfit! Yes ma'am. Check it out!

If your shape is Apple/Oval then you would know that skinny jeans are to be avoided because they will make your top half look top-heavy. Instead, how about some straight leg or boot cut jeans to balance the proportions? Dolman tops as shown above are also great for apples/ovals! And here's something to celebrate, accessories are great with any shape or size! Knowing how to dress for your body shape is key.

So find your shape below and start learning about it. I will expand more on this in the other blog posts for this series. In the meantime, go ahead and pin all those cute outfits you see on Pinterest (and on my blog too of course, haha!). This is going to be a self-discovery journey and if by the end I have helped one of you, then my job is done. <3