How To Wear Patterned Shoes

Ever find a pair of beautiful patterned shoes and you wanted to buy them but then wondered how in the world you would wear them? And then after finding yourself unsure you decided to not go for it? Here's a great quick tip on how to wear patterned shoes.

Can you tell my favorite kind of shoes are pumps? ;)

When working with patterned shoes, focus on the colors found in the shoes and complement those colors with your outfit. How? Pick 1-3 colors found in the shoes (making sure that not all are too bright, like neon, so they don't fight each other) and wear solid, non-patterned pieces to complement your shoes. This will make the whole ensemble look cohesive and your shoes will be the show stopper. Trust me. 

Also, be sure to not forget about your neutrals when you pair your shoes in your outfit. Sometimes the neutrals will already be found in the shoes themselves, making it super easy to wear, sometimes not. In those cases choose 1-2 neutrals to nicely complement your ensemble. If the shoes are neutral already (like black and white) then you can pair them with color and make it more interesting, just as you would with home decor.

What about pairing a pattern with the same pattern? Say, like houndstooth shoes with a houndstooth top, or polka dot shoes with a polka dot top? While it's not bad to do this and in some instances it will work nicely, my personal rule of thumb is to not kill the pattern but to complement it, like in the bedroom above. A black and white houndstooth top looks great with shoes that are black or white or both, just not patterned. Or even with some red shoes (or other color) if the overall outfit colors are neutral. However if you pair the houndstooth shoes with a houndstooth accessory like a handbag or a scarf that are also a houndstooth pattern, then that's fine so long as you complement the shoes and accessories in your outfit with solid pieces from your color palette. 

Here's a great way to wear the gorgeous houndstooth patterned pumps above for a black and white look. The black and white houndstooth pattern is nicely complimented by the black and white which are neutral colors and do not fight each other. 

And here's a way to dress up the watercolor patterned pumps above. I chose 3 muted colors (also neutrals) and one pop color from the shoes themselves and top it all with touches of gold. The result is perfection. Be sure to pin my outfit ideas to your Pinterest, and you can also find my outfits on my Pinterest board "Looks I Like."

I hope today's post was very helpful and that you are not afraid to buy those lovely patterned shoes you find. Because truth be told, patterned shoes are HOT!


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