Giving Neutrals a Color Pop

On my last post I showed you all of the classic neutral colors and how you can use them. They are needed in any wardrobe, and most people have clothes in these colors because of how easily "workable" they are. To add to that, today I want to show you how to effectively combine neutrals with a color pop.

When working with bright colors, colors that "pop," you have to make sure to not over do it or go overboard. Instead of focusing on that one bright color throughout (unless it's a dress), think of the bright color more as an accessory - you want touches of it, not to kill it. Yep, I said kill it. It has been known to happen.

The goal is to compliment that pop of color, to make it shine on it's own, but yet make the rest of your outfit look fabulous on it's own too. For the pop of color to be the center of attention it does not need to be overly done. The outfit below does NOT follow that rule as you can clearly see.

Ack, it's blinding my eyes! You know it's doing the same to you... The neon green and the fuchsia are completely fighting each other. The two colors together look like a bright watermelon, I don't recommend this look, at all. Too flashy and gaudy. 

A nice variation would have been to pair that fuchsia top with a navy, gray, or black pencil skirt and add a pretty cardigan over it, like this (uses same top and shoes):
Sigh... I want this outfit. I'm pretty sure I can replicate it though, and you can too! ;)

So how do you successfully work with pops of color in your outfits? 
  • Don't make colors fight each other in an outfit, especially if they're bright.
  • If it's not a dress, make sure the color pop constitutes less than half of the overall outfit, complimenting it with accessories and/or shoes.
  • If it is a dress, make sure you are not wearing everything the same color. Find another color that can compliment that one color in your accessories and shoes. For example, if you are wearing a fuchsia dress, consider pairing it with gold jewelry and nude shoes. 
Last but not least, I'd like to show you how I did this today. Fuchsia was one of my fave colors to wear in 2014 and it will continue to be. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy today's fashion tips! Do you have a favorite color combo you like to wear?

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