How To Wear Patterned Shoes

Ever find a pair of beautiful patterned shoes and you wanted to buy them but then wondered how in the world you would wear them? And then after finding yourself unsure you decided to not go for it? Here's a great quick tip on how to wear patterned shoes.

Can you tell my favorite kind of shoes are pumps? ;)

When working with patterned shoes, focus on the colors found in the shoes and complement those colors with your outfit. How? Pick 1-3 colors found in the shoes (making sure that not all are too bright, like neon, so they don't fight each other) and wear solid, non-patterned pieces to complement your shoes. This will make the whole ensemble look cohesive and your shoes will be the show stopper. Trust me. 

Also, be sure to not forget about your neutrals when you pair your shoes in your outfit. Sometimes the neutrals will already be found in the shoes themselves, making it super easy to wear, sometimes not. In those cases choose 1-2 neutrals to nicely complement your ensemble. If the shoes are neutral already (like black and white) then you can pair them with color and make it more interesting, just as you would with home decor.

What about pairing a pattern with the same pattern? Say, like houndstooth shoes with a houndstooth top, or polka dot shoes with a polka dot top? While it's not bad to do this and in some instances it will work nicely, my personal rule of thumb is to not kill the pattern but to complement it, like in the bedroom above. A black and white houndstooth top looks great with shoes that are black or white or both, just not patterned. Or even with some red shoes (or other color) if the overall outfit colors are neutral. However if you pair the houndstooth shoes with a houndstooth accessory like a handbag or a scarf that are also a houndstooth pattern, then that's fine so long as you complement the shoes and accessories in your outfit with solid pieces from your color palette. 

Here's a great way to wear the gorgeous houndstooth patterned pumps above for a black and white look. The black and white houndstooth pattern is nicely complimented by the black and white which are neutral colors and do not fight each other. 

And here's a way to dress up the watercolor patterned pumps above. I chose 3 muted colors (also neutrals) and one pop color from the shoes themselves and top it all with touches of gold. The result is perfection. Be sure to pin my outfit ideas to your Pinterest, and you can also find my outfits on my Pinterest board "Looks I Like."

I hope today's post was very helpful and that you are not afraid to buy those lovely patterned shoes you find. Because truth be told, patterned shoes are HOT!

Giving Neutrals a Color Pop

On my last post I showed you all of the classic neutral colors and how you can use them. They are needed in any wardrobe, and most people have clothes in these colors because of how easily "workable" they are. To add to that, today I want to show you how to effectively combine neutrals with a color pop.

When working with bright colors, colors that "pop," you have to make sure to not over do it or go overboard. Instead of focusing on that one bright color throughout (unless it's a dress), think of the bright color more as an accessory - you want touches of it, not to kill it. Yep, I said kill it. It has been known to happen.

The goal is to compliment that pop of color, to make it shine on it's own, but yet make the rest of your outfit look fabulous on it's own too. For the pop of color to be the center of attention it does not need to be overly done. The outfit below does NOT follow that rule as you can clearly see.

Ack, it's blinding my eyes! You know it's doing the same to you... The neon green and the fuchsia are completely fighting each other. The two colors together look like a bright watermelon, I don't recommend this look, at all. Too flashy and gaudy. 

A nice variation would have been to pair that fuchsia top with a navy, gray, or black pencil skirt and add a pretty cardigan over it, like this (uses same top and shoes):
Sigh... I want this outfit. I'm pretty sure I can replicate it though, and you can too! ;)

So how do you successfully work with pops of color in your outfits? 
  • Don't make colors fight each other in an outfit, especially if they're bright.
  • If it's not a dress, make sure the color pop constitutes less than half of the overall outfit, complimenting it with accessories and/or shoes.
  • If it is a dress, make sure you are not wearing everything the same color. Find another color that can compliment that one color in your accessories and shoes. For example, if you are wearing a fuchsia dress, consider pairing it with gold jewelry and nude shoes. 
Last but not least, I'd like to show you how I did this today. Fuchsia was one of my fave colors to wear in 2014 and it will continue to be. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy today's fashion tips! Do you have a favorite color combo you like to wear?

Perpetually Classic Colors

Perpetually classic fashion items are a must have in any wardrobe. Why? Because you can use them and mix-n-match them in numberless ways, making you own, really, a variety of outfits in your wardrobe. Plus, they never go out of style. Today, I am sharing with you classic neutral colors to guide you when you shop for clothes.

Now, these are not the only colors that you should have in your closet, but they are an amazing starting point. And even if you do not like them all, that is fine. You may just choose to have items in your favorite neutrals. Go through your closet and see what you already have in these colors, because that means that those pieces are the ones that can be worn in an array of ways and mix-n-matched with any color of the rainbow. Another good idea is to actually have your neutrals be their own section in your closet, that way you know exactly where to go to find your outfit starting piece for the day.

Like I said, you can combine these with pop colors or combine 2-3 at a time, or just select one color (i.e. Little Black Dress). So many ways to wear a classic!

Yesterday I wore this to Church. I chose to combine two classic neutrals (Navy & Ecru) and this is what I came up with. So fun! I love this look. I felt pretty and feminine. And it didn't break my bank.

Ecru top is from Modcloth (discontinued)
Navy skirt is a thrifty find at Goodwill
Wide belt is from Ross
Shoes are from local boutique
Necklace is from First & Chic (discontinued)

Salmon, how I love thee...

The first official fashion post is here!

Oh how I love fashion. I grew up in New York City to a woman who's last name is Fashionista (kidding, but really). The high school I went to is High School of Fashion Industries and I started designing clothes when I was in middle school, mostly because of the example of my sister who wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up. I applied to FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the top fashion schools in the country (world), and was accepted. However, that was a pivotal point in my life. I realized that being a fashion designer is not exactly what I wanted to do career wise. Yes, I love fashion, but that's not the route I wanted to take. I realized then, that I am my own person who needs to develop my own goals, desires, and passions. That moment actually helped me in many ways throughout my life, just in the sense of me getting to know ME. I'm still doing that. I don't think any of us really stop getting to know ourselves, because every once in a while we surprise ourselves and do something that seems so not like us. That's me.

Anyway, on with today. It was a cloudy day (I LOVE cloudy days). This is what I wore because salmon makes me all sorts of happy, on top of rainy days. :)

The salmon cardigan is a great find from the thrift store. I like thrift stores. Not necessarily the store itself, but the fact that I can find brand name clothes in great condition for a fraction of the original price. It doesn't bother me one bit. I have a washing machine. ;) And many times I find items still with tags on them, yes, because sometimes we buy stuff that we never wear and then end up not liking it anymore (or maybe it doesn't fit us anymore). I've been guilty of that a time or two, especially because of the weight clause there, meh.

The polka dot sailor top is from First & Chic (discontinued).
Jeans are Miss Me jeans.
Gold shoes are from Target.

Happy 1st Post!

Hello, lovelies!

Here's a brief introduction about what this new blog is all about. Yes, I do own several blogs, but this one is different. Why, you say? Because it's not a family blog but it is a blog about yours truly and the things that I'm passionate about, such as photography, event and party planning, home decorating, and my favorite, fashion consulting and advice. For many years now, many friends have approached me asking me for fashion advice and suggestions. I helped them and I am here to help you too. I will share more on that soon. Also, I will be sharing ideas for party planning, printables, new thrift store finds, and home decorating photos and tips. And in between, I'll squeeze a few life lessons because that never hurt nobody. ;)

I will be adding some social media links soon too. For now I will leave you with some of my favorite 2014 looks, right from my Instagram. :)

My birthday look in May:

Sunday look:

Had been feeling down and needed a pick me up so I got out of my PJs and got ready for my day:

Saw this necklace and top at Forever 21 and loved them:

Shoe love (you will see shoe photos quite a bit):

Pool picture with my completely adorable baby:

One Sunday when I tried these loose curls. Loved the look:

 Shoe love! I spotted these at White House Black Market and had to have them! They were perfect too for a Vegas trip I took and many other occasions as well:

My baby is a little fashionista too! Just adorable!

Two great finds from the thrift store, a Liz Claiborne blazer, a French Laundry sweater, brand new with tags, and a super cute classic button down white shirt. ;)

I put together this outfit for our family pictures and it was perfect. :) My friend Erin took them for us and they turned out gorgeous.